Project Outcomes

This Project has now reached its conclusion.
After the testing phases were completed, a final build of the “Interactive Scottish Avenue” was created, identifying a users level of competency relevant to their experience & directing them towards the appropriate interaction system.






The Interactive Scottish Avenue

To achieve goals of user evaluation, this project needs willing anonymous participants to test a range of developed software.  The software is in the form of an “Interactive Heritage Environment”, based on part of the 1938 Glasgow Empire Exhibition held in Bellahouston Park in the south side of Glasgow, namely “the Scottish Avenue”.  The visualisations were developed as a research tool.  The environment allows users to explore the Scottish Avenue as it was in 1938 and access a selection of contextual information, furthering both the users’ knowledge and understanding of an important part of Glasgow’s history.  Two versions of the environment have been developed, both focusing on a different control method.  To be a part of this research, no previous understanding of either the Empire Exhibition itself or interactive heritage is required.

All that is required from participants is to choose an environment (either a ‘Free Roam’ or a ‘Fixed Position’ control set-up) and freely use the software for as long as desired, participation can take as little as just 15 minutes (including the evaluation).  Once the interactive experience has been completed, please fill in the appropriate questionnaire (each environment has its own separate form).  The questionnaire desires answers that are related to subconscious understanding and as such it should take around 5 minutes to complete.  Once this is complete feel free to try the alternative control system and fill out the other questionnaire.

See the section below or the “Links” section of this website for links to the online Environments and relevant questionnaires.  For those that want to experience the environment in full quality and fullscreen, or those with slower internet, there is also a download option available (Dropbox host). 

Please feel free to comment on the page, contact me directly or even share the project.

Thank you in advance for your participation!